Xenolith in Andesite

Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith

Obscure Things Collected or often Crafted by Jason Nemrow, a Renegade Kohen in the Midst of Gentiles.

The Princess and/or the Priest Recordings

Listen to audio from Lisa the Pea Princess and Jason the Voice from the Wilderness.

The Goal of Transcendence

God and his Messiah offer us a path to exaltation and several concepts related to becoming like them.


This is the region that I live within, among high defenders of the US Constitution, the Jeffersonian Ideals, and the protection of wide-open and undesirable spaces!

Other Assorted Essays

These form a large pile of essays on topics apart from transcendence.

W5JSN - The Ham Radio Adventure

I am a Radio Amatuer and I have had a few interesting adventures related to the blessed hobby of yore.

Timex Sinclair 1000 (ZX81)

The greatest computer ever conceived! Simple and expandable.

Family Camping

When my kids were young, I took them camping. Probably never get them to do it again.

Contractual Obligations Abstracts

Many years ago, I collected many abstracts related to public health. I said I would keep them available.